Seana Speaks

It Isn’t Easy To Discuss Mental Health

I like the class I’m in this morning, it’s full of information about all aspects of health and wellness, and though the focus seems to be on alternative methodologies, it’s a science based course. Today the professor tells us we are going to spend the next several classes discussing psychology and mental health. I’m excited. These, […]

When Speaking Out Works – Changing a Stigmatized World

Again and again I talk on this blog (and much more often on the more active Facebook page about the importance of speaking out. Share your stories. Speak your truth. Stand for what is right. Defend those who are not yet able to defend themselves. Define discrimination when it has not yet been defined. Name stigma where it […]

This Is What Growth Looks Like

I can stretch my legs and feel already sore muscles groan. I can stand, feebly perhaps, to my feet as my body demands the rest it thinks it deserves. One hand to sore back I can take one more step forward. It may complain, but my body will move. They may ache but my feet will carry me. I may be tired, but I am strong. This is what growth looks like.

It’s a Bacon Kind of Day

And I don’t know if it’s because I have my own mental illness that I bounce around a bit more often between the really balanced mom of awesomeness and the ‘life is stretching me’ mom of passableness and the ‘I should really get a sitter because I’m going to seriously start saying shit I might regret’ mom of awfulness, or if that’s just normal.

Perfect Isn’t Real

“What if we tried to be brave instead of perfect.” Unknown I could not love this any more. I don’t think I could strive more for it than I do but I still fall short and so I keep trying. Perfect seems so important. How do I look? How about the kids? The house? Are […]

What if anxiety is a conversation with myself?

After a particularly awful anxiety attack, like the one I had this morning, it might be a time to live your life in such a way as if to say, “I’m sorry, my body just reminded me it can kill me at any given time without notice and my Self is in need of my attention. Your opinion of that is currently invalid.”

A Different Kind of Normal

Look at that little smunchy faced baby. It would only take her three short years from this photo to shout “I don’t love you mommy! I don’t love you and I want you to move out so Daddy will stop loving you too!” She’s thorough, at least. I probably don’t need to explain that today […]

I’ve Found My Calling (I’m pretty well positive this time)

You know those folks who say things like “when it’s what you’re meant to do with your life, you’ll just know… when it’s you’re real ‪dream, there’ll be no giving up… nothing will be able to stop you…you’ll know when you find it… trust me, you’ll know..” I mean, I guess I don’t know who […]

I, too, am the Stanford rape victim.

I had a dream last night that I was the Stanford rape victim. Became I am. Because I have been raped. I have been molested as a child, assaulted as an adult on a date, and raped by a stranger while completely blacked out. I have believed that these occurrences were my fault and were the natural […]

Seasonal Depression in Vermont

Here’s a talk myself down from the ledge moment… “If the sun doesn’t come back to Vermont soon I’m just going to give up the fight and head to bed permanently. I cannot stand it anymore. Breathing is beginning to take effort. I need to hibernate. Of course, what I really need is to get […]