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Bipolar, Anxiety & Wellness – Page 5 – Seana Speaks
Seana Speaks

Mama’s Crazy

I want to be the mom that encourages her kids to flavor cereal with honey, that has kids who’ve been raised to prefer books over television, that has a cupboard full of herbs and tinctures and the know-how to use them. I don’t want to be a crazy mom. I sometimes feel very confident that […]

Becoming Mom

By the time I go to bed at night, every night, I am tired both physically and emotionally, overwhelmed with the work of parenting a newborn and guilt ridden at the thought that I’m no longer fulfilling the role of wife and homemaker as well as I once did or as I feel I now […]

To be or not to be? Bipolar, that is.

I find myself consistently questioning the diagnosis of Bipolar 2 that I readily accepted in December. I think, in part, because so many of the symptoms seem to have resolved themselves beneath the balm of pregnancy hormones. It’s fairly rare for me to find myself fighting, and eventually giving in to, the urge to sequester […]

Round and round

Sometimes I think a thousand new things a minute, or so it seems. My mind jumps from thought to thought, settling only long enough  to start a line of thinking before leaping on to the next. I always want to explain it as flashes of light, except  there are no flashing lights, it just feels […]

Remembering Me – The Life in My Life

I want to know what my favorite colors were when I was a little girl, what toys I played with the most. I want to know whether teenaged me was awkward or self-assured. I want to know how old I was when I left home, left town, came back, left again. I want to put […]


I wrote this blog post on December 23 but thought it best not to post it until after the holiday had come and gone.   19 years ago today I tried to kill myself. It was the only time I would do so, unless you count a decade of drug and alcohol abuse. It wouldn’t […]

Hey! Your girlfriend is annoying.

I hate relationship me. Uncomfortable, awkward. needy, whining brat. Where does she come from? Does she go back there? Because I gotta tell you, I’m in love with this man, but his girlfriend is driving me nuts. My therapist says…oh yes, I have one now, I highly recommend it. Anyway, my therapist says that I’m […]

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