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Round and round

Sometimes I think a thousand new things a minute, or so it seems. My mind jumps from thought to thought, settling only long enough  to start a line of thinking before leaping on to the next. I always want to explain it as flashes of light, except  there are no flashing lights, it just feels […]


Remembering Me – The Life in My Life

I want to know what my favorite colors were when I was a little girl, what toys I played with the most. I want to know whether teenaged me was awkward or self-assured. I want to know how old I was when I left home, left town, came back, left again. I want to put […]



I wrote this blog post on December 23 but thought it best not to post it until after the holiday had come and gone.   19 years ago today I tried to kill myself. It was the only time I would do so, unless you count a decade of drug and alcohol abuse. It wouldn’t […]


Hey! Your girlfriend is annoying.

I hate relationship me. Uncomfortable, awkward. needy, whining brat. Where does she come from? Does she go back there? Because I gotta tell you, I’m in love with this man, but his girlfriend is driving me nuts. My therapist says…oh yes, I have one now, I highly recommend it. Anyway, my therapist says that I’m […]

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