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The Existential Crisis of Losing the Enemy

I am caught in the sometimes painful crosshairs of my personal intersection right now, a woman with a mental health disorder living in a world that diminishes women, and freely and openly discusses their prejudicial beliefs about mental illness. But, while I have not lost my experiences, I seem to have lost my enemy.

Perfect Isn’t Real

“What if we tried to be brave instead of perfect.” Unknown I could not love this any more. I don’t think I could strive more for it than I do but I still fall short and so I keep trying. Perfect seems so important. How do I look? How about the kids? The house? Are […]

I’ve Found My Calling (I’m pretty well positive this time)

You know those folks who say things like “when it’s what you’re meant to do with your life, you’ll just know… when it’s you’re real ‪dream, there’ll be no giving up… nothing will be able to stop you…you’ll know when you find it… trust me, you’ll know..” I mean, I guess I don’t know who […]

I, too, am the Stanford rape victim.

I had a dream last night that I was the Stanford rape victim. Became I am. Because I have been raped. I have been molested as a child, assaulted as an adult on a date, and raped by a stranger while completely blacked out. I have believed that these occurrences were my fault and were the natural […]

Stop Pretending To Be Okay

I feel good today. If I didn’t that’d be alright too, I suppose. I stopped pretending I was just like everyone else a couple years ago so now no one even thinks to expect it. These days I don’t even know if I believe in a ‘just like everyone else’… It’s more like a median line […]

The Stigma of Society Infuriates Me

It is time for me to write something. And since, for Instagram, that means having a photograph, I thought, “I’ll take a little selfie while I’m at it.” So I picked up my phone and thought “smile for the people, Seana.” Fail. I’m a little weary these days thanks to a sick toddler and a […]