Seana Speaks

The “Christian” Reaction

I have been saddened, confused, and often disgusted by the Christian reaction to the struggle for equality taking place in our nation. I say “the Christian reaction”, though I know many Christians who strongly support equality, because those who protest the rights of others seem to be those that the world hears. I say “the […]

Estrogen-drenched, Philosophical Tailspin

I very recently had occasion to attend a wedding shower. Normally I avoid with plague-like obsession any sort of event that ends in “shower” unless it involves bathing, with the feeling that they are the estrogen drenched olympics of social obligation and I have no stomach for copious amounts of estrogen. This particular shower was […]

I Believe In Miracles

I believe in miracles. Now, to be fair, I also believe in wood fairies and elves. I plan my attack for surviving the zombie apocalypse and can convince myself quite readily that toys come to life at night. Those things aren’t the same as miracles, though. I believe in those things because I want to. […]

Knowing Nothing

I’ve been wanting to talk about God lately, but I haven’t been sure what to say. It’s like I’m relearning everything, starting at the very beginning, and what do you say about that? Hey guys, read all about how I know nothing? Thing is, knowing nothing is pretty incredible from where I’m standing. I’m starting […]


An except from my journal, “Why is it so hard to stay riveted on God?! Why when I freely proclaim and hold such gratitude for all that He’s done for me and that He’s saved me from, do I so quickly ‘burn out’?  Is it the same peculiar personality trait that makes me an addict […]

Letting go (have no fear)

Fear is the great crippler of our generation. Fear that the things that have been promised to us are not real, that the Promised Land is filled with giants too formidable to be slain afterall. There is, in this generation, a pattern of those we have trusted over-promising and under-delivering. Looking around we are convinced […]