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Poetry & Lyrics – Seana Speaks
Seana Speaks

Today I Felt Beautiful

Today, Standing with my back to the four windowed corner of my dining room, Wearing a simple black dress that my husband loves, and bare feet, My hair in yesterday’s mohawk (that my six year old nephew thinks is cool). Bare faced. Today, In that moment, surveying my dirty house while I hummed a tune, […]

Personal Vending Machine

Want sex as a party favor? She’s your girl. Call her up. Your personal vending machine. Feed in a handful of weed and out comes a blow job, slow and lazy, an obligatory gratitude. Looking for something a little less routine? Vending machine turned glory hole turned full on show, yours for the taking, if […]

If I Were A Poet

If I were a poet I would tell you I love you in a sonnet for the generations. I would weave a world of words to tell you how beautiful you are to me. With the stroke of a pen I would describe you as seen through my eyes. Each turn of a phrase would […]


folding into myself searching for relevance seeking the quiet which is never found within exhausted and spent with nothing to show no trophies of pleasure no martyr of sacrifice hollow with an echo hello hello hello

the look of success

I’m not going to do anything stupid. Today. It’s only that… the beast that lives within seems to have awoken with voracious appetite i want to devour all things deadly and destructive to sicken myself to the point of normalcy restless and impatient and rebelliously creative i want to find the line just to cross […]

who are you am i

who are you inside my head clawing out a space like redecorating is somehow your perogative who are you that sends me plummeting full speed from 60 to 0 without warning i’m not standing for it anymore who are you with wicked laugh and mocking smile that whispers lies and expects belief who are you […]

friendship isn’t love

i am wide awake tired running on all cylinders trying to forget   you’re not real again   i know every time i try every time it’s the same trying to forget   friendship is different than love and expectation sometimes i forget   i’m sorry i made you up again

like how to say goodbye

There are things I want to know. Like, what’s it like to be loved for who I am and not who you thought I would be… or could be or should be or am going to become and not for what I bring that one thing you find lacking in yourself Maguire was wrong baby, […]


your flattery will never fill the vacuous hole that is my ego colossally futile your words lose their taste in rhythm with their sound do not misunderstand! without the reflection in your eyes i simply disappear your honeyed words the skeleton on which I drape this self if the power of your words is to […]


31 folding my brother-in-laws faded khakis and boxer briefs kissing children not my own and picking up their toys it certainly isn’t what I expected there will be no midnight hurrah no glamour no glitz that era has ended so what if I can’t remember last years party at least I had good shoes pictures […]