No more shallow living driven by every compulsion,
the unspoken code of the Beautiful People, the Tragically Hip…
no more wishing for daylight to pass so you can shut out your emptiness by using a drink
(or a scene or a person)…
no more being an It Girl masking fearful emptiness…
no more pretentious social climbing…
no more being scandalous for only shameful reasons…

There will be excitement and glamour and fun and success and cities and careers in a time not too far from now! Only this time it will be better than ever before because God will be at the center of it. All the sparkly exhilaration is there – it’s waiting! The only difference is the leaky cracks are gone and it won’t be merely a facade – it will be real and meaningful!

The words above are not my own, they were offered as support in a letter from a girl who herself transitions from one life into another. Her hope is contagious, her reminder of who we are encouragement to continue moving toward who we are becoming. Sometimes when the allure of what Was seems to shine brighter than what Is – words like these are what saves,

truth painted starkly…

The reminder that there is no emptiness like the one I come away from.
There is no hopelessness like having ‘arrived’ only to remain unfulfilled.
There is no alone like solitude in a crowd.

Today I am grateful – because there is no other peace like the one I have found. When truth is exposed and the torment is cast aside, when hope and fulfillment are accessible in grace, when love reigns supreme as the foundation beneath it all – everything begins to line up and what Was doesn’t even Matter.

Today I feel free. Liberation worth the cost.

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