Maybe You’re Not Crazy

This morning I read that of 78% women suspect that they have a mental illness. (NAMI) Do you know what that says to me? Pretty much no one feels okay in their own skin any more. Definitely not the women.

And can you blame us? The expectation of accomplishment is ever growing, both from society and from ourselves.

There are children to raise under a set of standards that grow increasingly more exacting. There and the households and the meals and the errands of course. There are partners we love who will often require support. There are our careers, the visions and dreams we fought hard for the right to pursue. Then of course there is beauty because what would woman be without it? If you’re not thin and perfectly made up then what, exactly, have you accomplished? There is more, so much more. And more, and more. Our shoulders and souls grow heavy.

We are certain no one else feels this way. Something must be wrong with us. Well, 78% of women do feel that way. And if just a small percentage of you started to even whisper about it imagine the rippling change that would transform the world.

You’re right. Something is wrong with us. It’s society.

Give yourself permission to fail. Don’t get something done. Get nothing done. Look like crap today. Let the kids watch TV while you play on your phone for a change. Eat a cookie, or three. Call a friend over and let them see your dirty house (they won’t care, I promise).

Anxiety is real. But it’s not always an illness. Depression can kill but medicine isn’t the only answer.

Today let your focus be on how ever you can love yourself into wellness.

Be well.

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