I won’t pretend the following is good.  Without editing, without thought, without a second glance… it leaves much to be desired.  Still, a raw moment of my heart and emotion, a moment of mourning for a friendship’s core revealed and found to be less than anticipated.  Thanks as always for reading.  Your comments are especially welcome. 

I wonder who it is you think you are
or, perhaps more importantly,
just who it is you think I’m not
that you presume to behave the way you do.

And I wonder who told you
that you were exempt
from the rules of engagement,
character and integrity, virtue and truth.

I wonder when you lost sight of yourself
in the mirror of our culture
that tells you your money is your value
that suit and car define your worth.

I watched your transition in silence
from the him to the you
I heard the future change in your stories
as the city claimed another youth.

Where is the you who hiked Europe
penniless but for a credit card you mocked?
Where is the man who worked
only to pay a debt so he could leave again?

I respected your stories then
in a way I can’t respect you now.
The city has changed you, claimed you
evidence echoes in the lies of your omission.

I loved you then
in a way I tried to love you now.
Funny how you can’t love what doesn’t exist.

Where…who… are you?

4 thoughts on “memoriam

    1. This too shall pass, or so we presume, hm? Having an interesting round of relationship centered ephiphanies lately. They hurt when they come but in the end I’m the better for them I suppose. Thanks for reading and commenting.. 🙂

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