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Seana Speaks – Page 16 – Fighting the stigma of mental illness and recovery by living life out loud. Finding strength in authentic and transparent living. (This website is currently undergoing some serious construction. Thanks for your patience.)
Seana Speaks

so many sizes

Reading the memoir of a woman and her eating disorder, her first realization of body (4) and purge (8) and I, with a resigned sort of horror, discover jealousy brewing.  I ask what may be the most ludicrous of my many questions yet:  why couldn’t I have begun my eating disorder as a child – […]

like how to say goodbye

There are things I want to know. Like, what’s it like to be loved for who I am and not who you thought I would be… or could be or should be or am going to become and not for what I bring that one thing you find lacking in yourself Maguire was wrong baby, […]

Simplicity of choice

I do not mean to diminish the potential of redemption and restoration when I tell you that my life will never be what it could have been. I do not confuse the reality of consequence with some sort of lacking in the promise of grace and mercy. It is with a new awareness that I […]

Letting go (have no fear)

Fear is the great crippler of our generation. Fear that the things that have been promised to us are not real, that the Promised Land is filled with giants too formidable to be slain afterall. There is, in this generation, a pattern of those we have trusted over-promising and under-delivering. Looking around we are convinced […]


your flattery will never fill the vacuous hole that is my ego colossally futile your words lose their taste in rhythm with their sound do not misunderstand! without the reflection in your eyes i simply disappear your honeyed words the skeleton on which I drape this self if the power of your words is to […]


31 folding my brother-in-laws faded khakis and boxer briefs kissing children not my own and picking up their toys it certainly isn’t what I expected there will be no midnight hurrah no glamour no glitz that era has ended so what if I can’t remember last years party at least I had good shoes pictures […]

every story has a beginning

I have not loved every moment of my journey. I don’t, in fact anticipate loving every moment of what is to come. But I do thank God for every step, every turn and every fall. I thank God for allowing each moment that brought me to this very one. There are certain things I know; […]

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