Perfect Isn’t Real

“What if we tried to be brave instead of perfect.” Unknown

I could not love this any more. I don’t think I could strive more for it than I do but I still fall short and so I keep trying.

Perfect seems so important. How do I look? How about the kids? The house? Are we wearing the right stuff, acting the right way, buying the proper things? Even if I’m nailing it though perfect feels inauthentic and, even at it’s best, is fleeting. Society tells us perfect is everything. But…

Perfect is unsustainable. Perfect isn’t real.

Brave, on the other hand, while still hard and sometimes uncomfortable, feels beautiful and empowering. Bravery is learning to do without perfection and to embrace yourself as you are. Bravery is showing yourself to another without the filters, it’s buying the things you like, is acting the way you feel. Bravery doesn’t only grow stronger, it spreads; bravery is a wildfire that can sustain a family and then a community.

The quest for perfection leads to ‪anxiety‬ and stress and obsession; contentment gives way to comparison and joy is elusive.

When I aspire instead for bravery I am rewarded with joy and peace; I become confident in myself and my journey. Happiness is no longer a mythical destination.

Be brave. Be you. Be well.

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