Personal Vending Machine

Want sex as a party favor? She’s your girl.

Call her up. Your personal vending machine.

Feed in a handful of weed and out comes a blow job,

slow and lazy, an obligatory gratitude.

Looking for something a little less routine?

Vending machine turned glory hole turned full on show,

yours for the taking, if you’ve got the flow.

Uppers and downers and the things that make her go.

She’ll match your generosity

with groans and thrusts,

riding and kneeling,

taking and giving.

Make her head spin and she’ll return the favor.

But you’ve got to commit

at least to the moment.

Keep her up,

keep it up.

Make a quick escape when you’re done,

it’s ugly on the other side.

You won’t want to be there when she starts to fall.

It’s okay, she won’t want you to be there either.

It’s better to wake up alone

when you’re both trying to figure out

who the whore is.

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