your flattery will never fill
the vacuous hole that is my ego
colossally futile
your words lose their taste
in rhythm with their sound
do not misunderstand!
without the reflection in your eyes
i simply disappear
your honeyed words the skeleton
on which I drape this self
if the power of your words is to ground me
than your living builds my wings
the convincing alive in your actions
don’t say – show
don’t show – do
a thousand romances live just inside your touch
igniting a flame destined to consume
why cremate when you can cultivate?
there is within me
the beauty of all that has ever been
or so i senselessly assume
i have seen such things
in Women before
(lovely to behold)
strongly courageous
softly feminine
sultry sweet
redemption scents their very breathwho stands
in front of them?look to your feet
lies beneath them?

(originally written 03/27/09)

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