Say something!

  Say something. Say anything. Shout loud and proud and full of wisdom, or whisper weeping remorse.  Just say something, out loud. The silence is what kills you.

 Say something. Say anything. Release the noise endless in your head. Give pause to the maybe and the what if and speak your way to peace within.

 Say something. Say anything. Tell the world you’re afraid you’re not going to make it and the whole game has been for nothing. It’s only words in the end.

 Say something. Say anything. Remind them all you were made for better than this and your destiny still awaits to pull you center stage. No one’s really listening anyway.

 Say something. Say anything. Do it now. Start it now. The silence bears your secrets and hates you all the more for it. Get out of yourself. While you can.


 “Excuse me?”

 “I have something to say.”

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