Sugar is the new wine

Sugar is the new wine.

The only problem is it doesn’t exactly have the same affect. There is no succession of relief: one truffle may temporarily calm the nerves and help me catch my breath, but two won’t improve my mood and make me warm and fuzzy, three won’t bring out the stories and the jokes, four has no impact on my sex life and five doesn’t guarantee a great nights sleep.

Sugar is the new wine if wine sucked.

Just like wine, however, sugar comes with a set of problems all it’s own. It may not make me act a fool and then black out only to wake up in the morning wondering what I did and who I pissed off, but in a hormonally charged time such as this whole postpartum chapter, it sure isn’t doing me any favors.

I’ve been reading some blogs of women who discovered themselves struggling with the baby blues, and have found myself encouraged by their stories of postpartum depression in varying degrees; reading about how they felt, what they experienced, and how they moved past it has made me feel remarkably normal.

It’s not that I want to leave my baby in the trunk or anything, I’m just a little down lately. I’m more than a little irritable, especially with my husband, and downright resentful of what I irrationally perceive as his ability to come and go as he pleases. The house and it’s endless to do list is overwhelming and depressing, my lack of independent time is maddening, and I’m damn sick of wearing maternity clothes.

Do I need to point out that cultivating a sugar habit is counter-productive to getting into my former wardrobe?  The more fudge I eat the less I want to look in the mirror, nevermind abandon my pajamas for anything threatening an actual waistline.

I’m a big believer in getting a handle on moods like this one before they take over. So, after a few days of research, I headed off to the natural food store with a few questions and shopping list in hand.

The resident herbalist at the store, after offering some tips for various herbs and supplements, said “And make sure to stay away from sugar, that’s probably the most important thing of all.”

The good news is that after two days of St. John’s Wort and a homeopathic remedy, Sepia, I’m feeling like I’m coming back up a bit. Blah, blah, blah, I’m going to live. The real question though is,

Man, can’t a girl be addicted to anything these days?!

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