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Bipolar disorder – Seana Speaks
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A Path To Choosing Life – My First Pill

Which brings me back to the question at hand. If you were diagnosed with HIV, would you take the medicine the doctor prescribed you? What about if you were diagnosed with a psychological disorder? If your answer to those two questions is different, you need to ask yourself why. If you’re still telling yourself that having a mental illness is a personal failing, a weakness that should somehow be able to brought under your superhuman control, you’re doing yourself and your life a great disservice.

Sure of What You Know

Today I feel as if I am taking my first good, deep breath in nearly two weeks. I’ve been reading a book (Why Am I Still Depressed by Jim Phelps) about Bipolar ii Disorder and learned that, if you pay careful attention, you can tell when your mood is about to shift. The author says […]

To be or not to be? Bipolar, that is.

I find myself consistently questioning the diagnosis of Bipolar 2 that I readily accepted in December. I think, in part, because so many of the symptoms seem to have resolved themselves beneath the balm of pregnancy hormones. It’s fairly rare for me to find myself fighting, and eventually giving in to, the urge to sequester […]

Hey! Your girlfriend is annoying.

I hate relationship me. Uncomfortable, awkward. needy, whining brat. Where does she come from? Does she go back there? Because I gotta tell you, I’m in love with this man, but his girlfriend is driving me nuts. My therapist says…oh yes, I have one now, I highly recommend it. Anyway, my therapist says that I’m […]