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Kicking and Screaming Sobriety

Kicking and screaming sobriety, that’s what this is. I normally end relationships that are this difficult. If I have to work this hard to make you stay, we’re probably better off going in our separate directions, know what I mean? I wrestle with my personality when I’m sober. I have expectations of myself that are […]

Finding Love

I don’t want to possess a man, I want to captivate one. I don’t want to fall into the same bed, in the same pose, night after night; I want the rythym of my pulse to be the beat his blood pumps to. I’m Anais Nin reawakened and I don’t want to settle for the […]

so you say

So you say you want honest
all creamy and velvety with its heart on it’s sleeve;
yeah sure, that’s what they all want
until she isn’t who you thought
with stories that eye open and even intimidate.

Searching for God

I’m not having a crisis of faith, I’m having a crisis of relationship. I am absolutely convinced that there is more to life with God than what I can do for Him and what I can give up for Him. There must be more than this endless cycle of guilt for not being able to do enough, and guilt for not being able to live well enough.