About SeanaSpeaks

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The goal of Seana Speaks is to help in fighting the stigma attached to a mental health diagnosis; the prejudices and discriminations against which mentally ill people must fight every day. It is my ambition to target both the stigma that is found so deeply entrenched within our society, and the self-stigma ingrained within ourselves, the individuals who struggle with these illnesses.

More so than that, it is the ambition of this page to show fellow addicts (like myself) and those in recovery stage of their mental illness, that there is, indeed, a bountiful and beautiful life to be had. Recovery is more than just not using, it’s living life happily. Mental illness is more than just medication, it’s balancing life in a way that brings the most joy possible; it’s not about keeping your dark secrets safe, it’s about accepting yourself and finding acceptance for yourself as the whole and complete person that you are.

This page is a constant work in progress because I am a constant work in progress. Sometimes the posts and incredibly messy, the stark ravings of a lunatic come undone. At other times they are the perfectly poised, well edited and researched compilations of a journalist in training. And then, at still other times, you may just find some jokes about my kids who are incredibly funny, incredibly bright, and falling who knows where just yet on the spectrum that is neurotypical and not.

As for me? I’m Seana. I’m 39 years old. I’m a bisexual woman who leans heavily in the direction of lesbian though today I am happily and monogamously married to a wonderful man, Jason. (Go ahead, try and figure it out, if you do, send me a message.) We have two daughters: Mabel, born in October 2012, and Violet, born in April 2015. After spending several years as a stay at home mom, I enrolled in college full time in the fall of 2017 where I am working toward an Interdisciplinary Studies degree incorporating psychology, alternative healing, and journalism.

My ambition is to graduate with a four-year bachelor of arts and go on to a secondary degree in… well, only time will tell for sure. Currently the plan is to open a wellness center as a psychiatric nurse practitioner where I will offer both traditional psychotherapy, pharmaceutical care, and several alternative modalities of care in order to treat an individual’s mental health in as many different ways as can be proven by science to be effective.

As for my history, in short, I spent the decade of my 20s as a party girl socialite in Dallas, Texas and, by the age of 30, was a full blown alcoholic and cocaine addict. I went to rehab for 10 months, from March 2008 until January 2009. Two years after leaving rehab I relapsed and spent a year drinking before coming (back) to my senses in August of 2011. I have been clean and sober since.

I was diagnosed with rapid cycling bipolar ii disorder the first time when I was around 26 and the second time when I was 35. As anyone with a mental health diagnosis will understand, no one label fits all and my personal package of challenges includes PTSD related to childhood sexual abuse and an anxiety disorder (in addition to the rollercoaster fun that is bipolar ii disorder itself). I am currently using a blend of pharmaceutical and alternative therapies.

I am no bullshit, no judgment, pro-personal choice, pro-community, and entirely anti-stigma of all kinds.