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Setting Boundaries as Self-Care

In today’s world you’ll often be advised to indulge in a little “self-care” when you’re feeling stressed or down – take a yoga class, enjoy a night out, pamper yourself. And while all of those things are great, their transitory benefits are hardly what I’d call genuine self-care. In fact, the modern standard for so […]

It’s Time to Talk Openly

“I know that Selena Gomez has lupus and recently had a kidney transplant. I know that Dave Letterman suffers from heart disease. I know that Lance Armstrong is a testicular cancer survivor. But I didn’t know that Kate Spade suffered from depression. Or that Robin Williams did. Because somehow society has made it more acceptable to […]

Do Blue Eyes Stand For Tears

“Mommy, can I tell you something?” she asks. I, of course, nod, my entire life is trying to get this girl to tell me something. She turns away to stare at the ceiling above us. “On the inside, my brain is sad all the time.”

Untangling Stigma From Support in Mental Health

The fact is you cannot support a person with a mental illness and also stigmatize mental illness itself. You cannot say with one breath, “I am so glad that medicine works for you,” if you must use your very next breath to remind me, “I mean, I would never take them personally, but I’m glad they help you.”

Self-Stigma: Believing the Worst

She stands motionless at the kitchen sink. Her head is down, freckled cheeks tear-stained. One hand holds up a small orange bottle and she studies the label mutely. Every drooping line of her body signifies her defeat. Behind her, babbling a steady stream of delighted incoherence, a baby plays happily on the floor. Angry voices […]

The Wait For Allies

Just like mental illness itself, our prejudicial and discriminatory feelings against those who bear the mark of a mental health diagnosis crosses all racial lines, socioeconomic barriers, and sexual identities. If there is something all communities still share, perhaps it is this.

Herbs for Health: A how-to on using tinctures to treat sleepless, anxiety, and depression.

The following information is provided courtesy of Heather Irvine (pictured), clinical herbalist, and professor at JSC and VCIH. Heather began her study of herbalism at Northeast School of Botanical Medicine. In addition to teaching, Heather is an experienced clinician, remedy maker, and the owner of Giving Tree Botanicals in Montpelier, Vermont. She has been studying, teaching, and practicing herbalism since 2002.

Consolation Prize Compliment

I don’t always want to tell the truth. I don’t always want to come here and spill myself for you to see, to bare my insides like they are the most casual of outsides, an ankle or a shoulder; but if I am cherry picking the parts you get to see, if I am not […]

A Path To Choosing Life – My First Pill

Which brings me back to the question at hand. If you were diagnosed with HIV, would you take the medicine the doctor prescribed you? What about if you were diagnosed with a psychological disorder? If your answer to those two questions is different, you need to ask yourself why. If you’re still telling yourself that having a mental illness is a personal failing, a weakness that should somehow be able to brought under your superhuman control, you’re doing yourself and your life a great disservice.

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