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Seana Speaks

A Message to Our Allies

I need to say some uncomfortable things to the allies of individuals with mental illnesses. I need you to read carefully and thoughtfully and to think about whether these words apply to you and to your relationships. If you recognize yourself in these words, I need you to think about making some changes. The truth […]

Parenting With Authenticity, Not Perfection

I wholeheartedly believe in authenticity on social media. Presenting your life as perfect creates an incredibly unhealthy world and an unhealthy (and unable to be supported) you.  To that end: I often hear “you’re such a good mom” because of the pictures I post and the stories I tell on Facebook. So, you should also […]

Dear World, Please Let It Be

And I think that this – this thing that we have to somehow fix, this thing we have to find the answer for – this is not a single fight of a single man, or woman, or race, or nation. There is no religion or dogma or system of belief or freedom under attack. This is a thing that is bigger than your gun, or your geography, or your rights, whatever you may hold them to be.

Identity, A Love Story

There is this feeling I sometimes feel. It’s so powerful, it feels like reality. Like, not just a feeling that comes and go’s and wanes and grows over months or weeks or sometimes mere hours, it feels like it’s forever, like it’s reality. It is this feeling where I look in the mirror and I […]

Unconditional Love is Real

My experience in our childhood home was not one of unconditional love. Affection and praise was earned though a seemingly arbitrary set of rules, and punishment often came in the form of withheld love. “I don’t feel like speaking to you,” my mother would say dismissively through clenched teeth. “Go to your room, I don’t […]

Family Isn’t Permanent

I used to be part of a family. A large, mostly happy family; a family filled with love and a strong attachment to one another. Or that’s the way I seem to remember it. Growing up there were six of us. My mother and father (technically step-father but he was with us from the time […]

I Don’t Want To Stay Quiet

I want to open up fully To become eviscerated, To carve myself from the stench of these rotting bones. I want to liberate my mind To unfasten my tongue, To curiously consume the everything of an open reality. I want to be known, To be heard, To understand the limits of love and, if there […]

In The Web of a Narcissist

Here is another brilliant piece written by my friend, Jill Lillis, who is going through her own process of recovery and redemption. I find her insights incredible. I hope you do, too.  It seems important at the place I have arrived at in my journey to continue on as the Spirit leads me in greater […]

The Only “They” That Matter

You’re right. Someone is glaring at you. Someone is upset with the choices you have made or are making. Someone is whispering behind their hand and it might be about you. You’re right. There is a “they” and “they” are mad. They are mad if you are breastfeeding in public or past the age of […]

How’d That Work Out For You?

This might surprise you but Wendy’s is not where I go to meet men. I don’t actually go anywhere to meet men since I’m contentedly in a relationship but I can tell just by the way you’re looking at me, you’re not going to bother yourself with that kind of detail. So, just so you […]

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