I Don’t Want To Stay Quiet

I want to open up fully
To become eviscerated,
To carve myself from the stench of these rotting bones.
I want to liberate my mind
To unfasten my tongue,
To curiously consume the everything of an open reality.
I want to be known,
To be heard,
To understand the limits of love and, if there are none, to rest in the belief of it.
I want to refuse the labels
Instead of ignoring them,
Otherwise they’re still there and I’m just not paying attention.
I want to rise up,
I want to break free,
I want to harness growth,
I want to show the world how to fly,
I want to breathe,
I want to relax,
I want to confess,
I want,
I want,
I want,

I don’t want to stay quiet.

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