the meaning of life

This morning I woke up earlier than my alarm and ready to get out of bed.  It’s a highly unusual combination.  Downstairs we went, myself and my one year old shih tzu Bella, and out the door for her morning walk. 

It’s amazing the places God will meet us.

Bella’s first walk of the day is normally a focused trot down the short driveway, across the road and into the grass where she tends to her business.  Today, however, the sun was shining after several days of rain and Bella and I found ourselves walking along the river to enjoy the sparkling dew and lingering remnants of a fallen cloud.  Pristine morning silence.  Peace.

As we walked I prayed some and thought some, feeling the attention of a very large and very personal God.  My prayers covered a variety of things but, as Bella and I turned back toward home, something seemed to spring out at me from the jumble of prayer thoughts.

The meaning of life, of course.  What else would one discover on a silent morning of sparkling dew and fluffy white puppies? 

Ready to (not) be surprised?  It’s God.  God is the meaning of life.

And so I thought:

You created a people to love You and keep company with You.  And I  think that maybe it never occurred to You that we wouldn’t.  You were so hopeful for us that You gave us freedom of choice, free will.  You were so confident in Your love for us that You were confident in our love for You.

And You were wrong, and proven so.  The only thing that we are sure of is our love for ourselves.  And we chose ourselves and our momentary pleasures and passions over You.  We chose what we thought was right and good and deserved over what You knew and shared to be best.  We turned our backs.

And immediately knew our mistake.  And have been trying, through endless generations, whether we know it or not, to find our way back to You.  It is only in You that we make sense – that we are fulfilled and complete and satisfied and at peace.  Apart from You, no matter what we have and who we are, we will never be content.  The only thing that makes sense is to find our way back to You.  That is the meaning of life, to undo what was done so long ago, to find our way back to unity with You.


Of course my head began to argue immediately, “what? finding the way to God is the sole purpose and meaning of life? come on! what’s the point of that then?”  But, just as quickly as I aruged, I was answered.

If finding the path back to God, back to unity with our creator of so long ago isn’t the grand scheme of life, isn’t the driving force and passion behind every thing then what is?  Surely it’s not me.  Is it you?

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