We’re The Mothers Now

We are the mothers now. It is we who have homes and husbands and children and lists and explanations. We are our parents now. We are the ones in charge of a land in which having a checkbook doesn’t mean you have money and vegetables are important on a scale far larger than simply mealtime.  It is we who have the long term view in sight, the wisdom of experience, the patience and skill and common sense to make it through day after day while remaining relatively stable and assured.

Ha! Surely I am not the only one who sometimes realizes this and finds it terribly humorous?

This morning, while making my daughter (!) scrambled eggs and toast for breakfast, and simultaneously updating my calender with appointments for both her and I, I confirmed plans with my high school best friend for lunch.  We decided on pizza at a local restaurant that has a large lawn for our kids to play instead of either one of our houses. Our houses? Our kids? Lunch?! It’s all a little bit funny to me that I’m the mom now. That I’m the captain of scheduled and nutrition and manners and propriety.

Sitting down next to my daughter with my own breakfast, a bowl of sugary cereal, I worry about her chances if I’m to be in charge. Nodding empathetically with her as she tosses her scrambled eggs to the floor and waits for a sprinkling of my cereal over her tray (which I oblige her with, of course) I wonder what kind of grown up a kid like me is going to make.

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